DyerNeed's new website is expected early October 2017. In the meantime, this site contains the relevant information.

DyerNeed's Vision

To provide the highest standard of business capability definition and advice.

DyerNeed's products and services

  1. Consultancy
    DyerNeed provides specialised business capability definition and advice. This may go under different names in different organisations (for example, "Capability Definition", "Enterprise Architecture" or "Strategic Business Analysis"). However, the outcome is the same - a better informed organisation with respect on how to govern and execute the business. Our speciality is on the knowledge and information aspects (including how these underpin the environment, people, processes and technology aspects of your business).
  2. E-sales
    DyerNeed will add an e-sales component in the future (products are yet to be announced).
  3. Research and Development
    DyerNeed will add a Research and Development component in the future.

Geographical considerations

DyerNeed is based in the Canberra region (Australia). Requests from outside this region will be considered but will depend on factors such as travel or remote access to information and stakeholders