The key business focus of DyerNeed in these formative stages is specialised consultancy based on prior experience and customer sets.

Our consultants specialise in the "soft" skills - in reality these are the hardest and most critical elements an organisation must address: governance, planning, management and capability definition.

The company's skills base is derived from years of providing quality services to the Australian Government (at the Federal and State levels). These skills can also be used in the commercial sector - contact us to see if we can help you.

DyerNeed is positioned to take on the tough challenges. We recognise that the toughest challenge in any organisation is developing the people and processes - not the technology.

Our consultancy is aimed at helping your organisation understand your environment better to ensure you can be more efficient and effective. In most cases, this will be about surfacing knowledge that you already have (but may not realise it) so that you can use that knowledge to make more confident business decisions. This exposure of knowledge may also include innovative means of presentation to support decision-making. In some cases, we can bring our years of experience to bear to provide new knowledge that is applicable to your environment.

DyerNeed is vendor-independent and focuses on helping businesses determine the best (vendor neutral) solution for their context (immediate and future). There are many companies that can provide the "hard" skills in order to address the technology and solution spaces.

DyerNeed is not afraid of the difficult and wicked problems. We cater for complex and complicated. As we often note:

"If it was easy, I would not be here."

Consultancy focus

DyerNeed offers consutancies in the following niches: